Are ferrets legal in new york

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Although ferrets aren't actually illegal in New York City or Minneapolis, MN, they are not welcomed and may be... Will New York city reverse the ferret ban of some 16 years by voting to allow the animals to be recognised as domestic... New York City is. Ferrets banned in New York City and beyond. Ferrets are among the most popular animals and pets. Alas! Several countries and states do not allow them to be kept as pets. New York and California are among the top countries that hold a ban on ferrets. The major reasons for the ban are biting, which can cause rabies, and escaping of ferrets. Ferrets are legal in the rest of New York state, but fur has flown over the issue for years in the city. Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani once told an ardent ferret aficionado to get psychological. Summary: New York City Friends of Ferrets , an unincorporated association of individuals in New York City who own or wish to own ferrets as household pets, bring this action challenging the legality of the City of New York 's prohibition against the keeping of ferrets within the City limits and the requirement that in any case where a ferret is reported to have bitten a.
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