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Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Cannabis ... Rockford, Ill., and South Bend became Hells Angels . Wisconsin chapter president Kevin "Spike" O'Neill is among three Outlaws charged with the murder of Lamont "Monte" Mathias on. 2020. 8. 4. · To mark the occasion, on January 2nd, the Pagans, a rival outlaw biker gang, welcomed them to the neighborhood with a round of semi-automatic gunfire, allegedly shooting up the side of the Hells Angels’ new digs. A. · Besides the Gauger slayings, Miller killed drug dealer Don (Domino) Wagner execution-style in 1992 in a dispute over money at a Burlington, Wisconsin boat dock, attempted to kill Minneapolis Hells Angel president Pat Mattar and teamed with Milwaukee Outlaws leader Spike O’Neill in a bombing campaign aimed at blowing up properties owned by Hells Angels.
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